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PCMODER NEWS - Be sure to checkout our new wallpapers!!! . . . . . . . . . Get the Windows 7 Cursor for Window XP in the downloads area!! . . . . . . . . .PCMODER NEWS - Be sure to checkout our new wallpapers!!!

Free Wallpapers

Free Wallpapers from PC Moder. Click Image below to see all of our free wallpapers.

Windows 7 cursors for Windows XP

How to install the Windows 7 cursors in Windows XP
Get the cursors here!

Free firewalls. ZoneAlarm is our top pick.

Zone alarm has been around for a very long time and has a long history as a stable user friendly free firewall. You can pay for extra features but the free version is good enough for almost anyone.

Some other Firewalls:

Free Anti Virus programs. AVG is our top pick.

AVG - One of the best free Anti-Virus programs

It will not annoy you with pop up ads, or install tracking cookies or any other things that many so called free programs do. There are many other commercial programs you can buy, but honestly this is every bit as good and it's free.

Here are a few more free programs you can try if you like:
  • AVAST 4 Home Edition
  • AntiVir Personal Edition Classic

  • Linux Install

    Linux has been around for a long time and the PCModer choice for a linux Distro is ubuntu! We have used almost every flavor of Linux (and Unix for that matter) and this is the easiest to install, very reliable and plays well with Windows. The Live CD is free to download, as is ubuntu and the live CD can give you a very good idea of the capabilities of ubuntu/Linux without making any changes to your system at all. You can even do an install to a thumb drive if you want that will be totally functional. If you have ever thought of using Linux this is a great way to try it out.
  • ubuntu web site