Auto Aero Enable your Cmd.exe

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If you have ever used the Command Prompt in Windows Vista, or 7, and thought "How can i give it the Aero effect". Than we have to answer for you. Our friend "Solo-Dev" on Deviant-Art has the the solution. HE has made a App called "AeroCmd".

Notes from Solo-Dev.

"Before I do a description, Windows Vista and Windows 7 is needed, both running Aero. XP users need not download. It wont work on XP.

Ok so I know that others have worked to make an "Aero" Cmd.exe thru 3rd party apps. TBH "Glasser" was the best way to do this but you needed command link knowledge, and it seemed funny that you had to start up Cmd.exe then use Glasser to "Aero" it.

So this is a very quick Automated AeroCmd app.

Basically all it does is start up Cmd.exe, then it takes the, and runs it thru the correct DWM Api call.

I owe me making this app to Dev, seeing as how HE made Glasser, i just integrated the idea of it in to one simple app.

This is a .Net 2.0 app, so it should work just fine with both Vista and 7 without any more needed .Net runtime files.

I may or may not update this app, odds are this is final. If I WAS to update the app it would be for me to just simply to see if i can re-assign Cmd.exe's icon to that of AeroCmd. But TBH that is just silly nit-picking.

I suggest downloading and unzipping the app to your c:\windows\system32\ folder, as how that is where Cmd.exe is at. I have set the Startup Folder as the System32 folder, same folder as how Windows starts up at now.

This will only Aero one window at a time. So if you start up 4 cmd.exe apps, one will not be aero'd, until you start up another process. I dont know why it seems to run "One Behind" like that, but really, how many Cmd.exe's do you normally have open at once?"