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gDock - A minimal dock for Windows that can sit with the taskbar, or without it.
This is the Alpha 1 distribution of gDock, a minimal dock for Windows that can sit with the taskbar, or without it. This dock comes pre-configured out of the box, it has links to common apps (IE, etc...), and is very simple to use.

left-clicking starts the app, or changes to the folder-tab specified. right-clicking deletes the icon, or when in the Tasks tab folder, terminates the application. middle (mouse wheel) clicking opens up the properties of that icon, allowing you to edit it.

This app makes use of my Icon command system, that is, icons with special names will invoke special commands. Start PNG is a good example, and PNG files named as such will invoke and show that start menu. There is a list in the Pin a File dialog box that lists the (currently) known commands.

This comes with the FFW Icon set (pngs), that is released by LGPL, as is included Credits to the original authors and such.

This is the successor to TaskDock, a real, true dock app.



You can download it using following link:

Download gDock


TaskDock2 alpha (gDock)

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gDock- a app that make the windows vist/7 start bar into a Dock


Ok, so this is Alpha, but a stable, everyday usable alpha. Only thing is, as of now, it only functions like every other dock out there, that is, a Launcher.

TaskListing is up next. Once i get a good way of doing so, the app will be 90% done. So just to make sure every one reads and understands, NO TASKLISTING YET.

Now, you can set this up in a few different ways.

Included is 3 different folders, \Icons\ is the folder it starts off in. Take note that you will see some text files in this folder.

To make the Launcher work right, open up a text file, and you will see just one line, a path to an .exe file. That is how it works, simple.

Just put a png in the folder with the app's desired display name (like how i have the box as 7-zip.png), then make a text file, name it as the app's name (again, 7-zip.txt), and have the text file have the path to the .exe file as it's one, first line.

Example (c:\program files\7-zip\7zfm.exe)

So pretty simple!

There is three hard coded "command" icons:
"Close" (exits the app)
"Tasks" (not in use yet, will list running tasks)
"Pinned" (it will show the Pinned (pre-defined app icons, like the \Icons\ folder)

Clicking on close, well, closes the app. Choosing between Pinned and Tasks is just a show of speed for loading and showing different icons, this may eventually become a tabbed feature.

Anyway, Alpha STABLE 1, only the "\icons\" folder works, use the text files, blah blah blah

And FYI, gDock is the current project code name.

Read Sizes.txt. The first number is how Big the icons get on mouse over. the second number is the normal size. these values are read in only on startup, so if you change them while the app is running, exit, then start up the app again.

Shortcut Commands.
Right click on the EXE > make shortcut. click on the shortcut properties, the first text box will have the path and the exe. add in these command line events for additional functions.

Known shortcut commands:
hides that start orb. (vista/7 only)


You can download it using following link:

Download TaskDock



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TaskDock gives the Windows 7 Superbar (Taskbar) a bit more of a "dock" like feel. It will center and re-adjust the Tasks area of the taskbar, centering it, expanding and contracting with new apps and old apps, as they are created and terminated.


You can download it using following link:

Download TaskDock


Quartz RC1 Official Release

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Quartz is a media player that will let you play almost any file. It uses the codex that are on you computer already, or you can download the free codex pack from K-lite. Quartz utilizes the windows areo that is in windows vista/7. You can still uses quartz on xp but the background color will be black. Quartz has a skin able UI, with it's base objects, and up to 10 different "elements" can be added in, for additional graphics. We have also put in an Update System; it will ask if you want to check for an update, when you start.

We have put in a DesignShop. The DesignShop is a place where you can let you inner designer be free. It is a fast and easy way to make skins. With its drag able inter face you can easy make a skin with out ever having to code a config file, unlike other media players like win-amp.

"I have to thank all of my betas for testing this app out for two months before it was good and stable enough for it's RC1 release. There will be updates, often, so make sure that atleast once a week you allow the updater to run." ~ Ron Murphy



Free DVD ripper, mpg, avi file converter

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PCModer saw the need by our readers to take a DVD and publish it on the Web for their friends to see. The software to do this can be very expensive and the steps complicated to figure out so we put together a series of articles to first rip your DVD to a file, put that file to a format you can put on the Web, and finally place your video on your own web site. Our goal was to do this using only Free software (which you can download here). When we say free we do not mean free to download but Freeware that will cost you nothing to use. This article will focus on ripping your DVD to a file format you can manipulate and use on your PC.

There are a lot of programs out there that will take your DVD and turn it into an MPG, AVI, MOV etc. but many are very expensive and only offer limited functionality. After comparing various programs we found DVD Ripper from Softwaredepo.com fit the bill.


dvd ripper

This software is totally free, has no spyware or unwanted adware and has many great features. Basically the program takes your DVD and formats it to various file types. It offers MPEG1, MPEG TS, MPEG TS, ASF, MP4, MOV, AVI, and OGG. You can select various codecs, bitrates and scales to adjust the quality of your video to suit your needs.

We wanted to push the software hard so we decided to use it to create a full screen 16:9 video which we would then publish to the web with near DVD quality. If the software can do this it should be able to do anything you need. This program does not offer direct to Flash which is the format we wanted for the web but we converted to MPEG first and then to Flash....that will be the next article!

The DVD Ripper software is simple to use and self explanatory. If you want to create a high quality video from a DVD it will take some time to do and have plenty of storage on your hard drive as the file can get very big. Of course if you lower the quality the video the file will be smaller.

You can download the Free DVD Ripper from us by clicking the link below:

Free DVD Ripper Download

If you want to publish your video on the internet you can do so directly by converting it to MPEG or AVI but if you want the majority of the Web to be able to see it you will want it in Flash format. Look for the article right here on PCModer.com for great free software to do just that!

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