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Changing Ubuntu's look: Windows 2000

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As any Linux user knows, Gnome has the ability to be changed, AKA Skinned, to look however you want it to look. From Mac OS X to a Windows OS to about anything at all. Today I will give you step by step instructions on how to change Gnome to look like Windows 2000, one of the best Windows OS versions ever, IMO.

Gnome with a windows 2000 skin/theme

First of all download this archive, it has the two files that you will need for the customizing.

Installing these files is very simple, you can go through the Gnome menu to Appearance, or run gnome-control-center, and click on the Appearance button. Simply drag and drop the two files in this archive to the Appearance window, and apply them when the windows offers you the chance.


Gnome made to look like window 2000


You can then have the option to save the theme as whatever you want to, i named it Win2000-look, personally.To get Nautilus looking like how I have it, you have to install from Ubuntu a PPA source, you can do it easily from following this web page's directions.

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