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PAC-MAN's 30th Anniversary

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It is PAC-MAN's 30th Anniversary!! He is a game icon around the world. He just hit just hit the Big 3-0. To celebrate this Google has changed there logo.It is HTML5 based so you can play Pac-Man in the logo. so go ahead and play a few levles of Pac-Man.

Click here to go to Google's home page.


iPad users having issues-The fix? Don't use microwave!

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Users who rushed to buy up Apple's iPad are complaining  that they're having trouble connecting it to the Internet.

"Add me to the list with problems! I'm very disappointed that there's no solution either," one user wrote. "Does anyone think this can be fixed with an update, or should I just get a refund while there's time?"

Some users were saying their Wi-Fi connections were weak, others were saying they weren't able to connect with Wi-Fi at all. Some users say laying the iPad on a flat surface makes the problem worse.

The company reported selling 300,000 of the devices Saturday, Apple did offer help on their web page outlining troubleshooting tips for "occasional problems" that included weak Wi-Fi connections or not being able to find a signal.

The tips include turning off other electronics or finding your so

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DVD Secret Hiding Place PC MOD

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So you may have some Top Secret files you want to stash, hide some money, documents, whatever. We all have old useless DVD or CD players laying around doing nothing so why not put them to use! I know I have one of those old first generation CD players laying around...I think it was like $400 when I got it and it was "cutting edge". Well now I can be content that I spent that money wisely...I can gut the player and turn it into an empty box to stash stuff! See the video below to see how.

This is opened by a secret magnet "key" and does not have to be inside your PC, but you could put it there if you want. There is not alot of room in it but yiou can definately put a flash drive or something like that in it. It is kinds cool and if you want to hide something you could give it a try!


Will the iPad Blend??

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It is a question we have all asked, we know a baseball bat will do some damage BUT WILL IT BLEND???.



It is actually impressive the screen is still working even after he bends the iPad almost in half......whats $500 anyway!?!?!?



Halo MA5B assault rifle now real

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Ok, yea we know this has nothing to do with PCs or computers but it is to cool to ignore. If you are PC nut you most likely have played Halo at some point and have used the MA5B assault rifle This is the classic gun for Halo. Well someone has put ALOT of time to move it from the virtual world into the real world, and it is impressive. It is a fully functional replica, except it is a Nurf gun...Take a look at the video below



SOoooo why would you spend time making this? Who cares!! Its awesome! Hats off to this guy for taking the time to make the gun, and it looks like he also has some movie making skills...great job!


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