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PCModer in partnership with Solo-Dev is working on a new program called AeroWorks.


What is AeroWorks?

AeroWorks is a next generation, Windows skinning application that makes use of Vista's and Windows 7's special display modes, known as Aero, also commonly known as the "Glass" look.
This application will allow you to specify a base image that will sit behind the Aero enabled task bar, and then an "FX" layer that will display in between the base layer and the task bar, giving the task bar a new, customizable look and interface.
Also, a new feature that will be coming soon is a 100% customizable Aero start panel. Registered users will be able to then make use of the new Aero Start widget. They will be able to actually change/design the layout of the Aero start Widget, and make use of the new widget, instead of using the old fashioned Start Menu.
As of now it is still in development, watch here on PCModer for updates on the release date.


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