Tool to Delete Zero Length Files for Windows

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As people use there computer more and more every day, the computer will gather "junk" files, be it temporary files, zero length files, or whatever.  As someone that pratically lives in front of his PC, I know that I have a lot of zero length files.

Zero Length Files can be a very annoying thing, as how they have no real use at all.  Here is a tool for you to use to clean up your computer from zero length files.

The Easy way...    Just unzip the file to the root of your c: drive, and double-click it to start it.

The DOS way... Unzip the file to c:\windows\system32.  Now start up (run) cmd.exe.  Type in dzlf when your in the folder that you want to clean up.

Doing the app the easy way will clean your whole hard drive.  It might take a while, and you may see a message or such stating "Could Not Find...", but it is ok, just ignore those messages.

If you happen to have another hard drive you want cleaned, you can either do it the easy way again, just copy the app to the root of your next hard drive (say, D: or E:) and double click it again, or if your doing it the DOS way, from cmd.exe, change to the drive that you want changed, and then type in dzlf again.